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Our Mission

Based in Dallas, TX, ranked as the #2 most recruited state in the U.S for Division 1 basketball, Texas Impact 4:13  high school teams were founded in 2016 and has quickly ascended into one of the premier nationally recognized grassroots programs located in the south after only 7 seasons.


With the commitment of providing a professional experience in the youth space, Texas Impact 4:13 was created 

to not only provide opportunities to play at the next level but influence the culture of youth basketball in a positive way. “I can do all things” is our mantra that serves as a constant reminder to believe in yourself and put God 1st, just as it takes to be a successful professional, do it every day.

Using the game of basketball to make a difference in the lives of people. Teaching the proper techniques and developing the skills to make them competitive and successful

on the court. Creating a culture of faith and character that promotes “team” and instilling, cultivating and nurturing the necessary attributes to be successful in life. Providing opportunities that create memorable moments and lifetime experiences both on and off the court.

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